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PARCC Task Sets | Institute for Learning, Univ. of Pittsburgh

PARCC Task Sets | Institute for Learning, Univ. of Pittsburgh | PARCC |

From the website


"As part of a project for the PARCC consortium, the Institute for Learning (IFL) at the University of Pittsburgh, was asked to develop English language arts classroom task sets for Grades 3, 6 and 10 that are aligned to the new CCSS and that will prepare students for the new PARCC assessments. We would like you to visit these websites to learn about these classroom task sets. Then, please take a survey about the usefulness of this classroom task set. Your feedback will be used to improve future versions."


These are well-designed learning units based on the ELA CCSS and PARCC assessments. As such, for teachers interested in retooling for the PARCC asssessments, the units should prove quite helpful. For curriculum designers, the units offer an interesting template for how to revise local or state curriculum in a practical format, while focused on the new requirements. -JL

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education | PARCC |
Common Core Games by grade and standard! Help with upcoming PARCC. (Common Core Games by grade and standard! Help with upcoming PARCC.
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PARCC Assessment Development | PARCC

PARCC Assessment Development | PARCC | PARCC |

PARCC states are working closely with two sets of contractors to develop the items and tasks for the PARCC mid-year, performance-based and end-of-year assessments. 

Item development has two phases:

The first phase of item development contracts were awarded to ETS and Pearson. ETS' proposal can be found here and Pearson's can be found here.  Phase I of Item Development began in the fall of 2012 and will be complete in late summer 2013.The second phase will begin as soon as Phase II is complete in late summer 2013 and run through late summer 2014.  The contracts for Phase II will be awarded to one or more of the Phase I contractors, based on the quality of work in the first year.


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Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry's curator insight, May 19, 2013 12:10 PM

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there are a series of PowerPoints used for training state reviewers of PARCC test items. In reading through these, I see some examples that expand what the BluePrints and the current test prototypes offer, but not any substantial additions to the knowledge base. What I do not see are REAL timelines or means of access. How were reviewers selected? I have worked with California as a materials reviewer. The process is much similar. California asked for educators to submit letters of interest with resumes and cover letters. I did not see anything of that nature from PARCC. My criticism: tasks seemed to be managed by hand-picked individuals. Who are they?