The Black Seed Expert: How to Make a Vinegar and Black Cumin Ointment for Worms and Parasites | Parasites |

If you eat meat or vegetables, you have worms! Period!.  If you have animals in your home -- You have worms!  So using this simple procedure will help you live healthier and better.

Even the cleanest person has worms.  Have you ever wondered where the worms come from that eat the dead corpses after they die? It is because the body contains worms and when there is no more nourishment to the body and the body begins to decay, the worms from inside the body, begin to eat.  

Many think that the worms come from the ground, but that is not the case.  Anyone with MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or dementia, must do a parasite cleanse.  I have found that worms can travel to the brain and lodge in the brain or the ear lobe trying to escape cleansing.  Persistant cleansings will get the worse of creatures.

Black Cumin Ointment for Worms and Parasites


1/2 cup vinegar

1 teaspoon of black cumin oil


Place the vinegar and the oil in a small pan and bring the liquid to boil.  Remove from the stove to cool slightly.  While still warm, use a pasty brush and  brush the stomach, liver area and behind the liver.  Do not wipe off.  Wear a loose fitting nightshirt and go to bed.

The liquid will absorb into your skin.  There will be no residue at all left when you wake up.  Before sleeping eat 7 dates to kill the ascaris which is shown above in the first photo.  Ascaris are large worms and more difficult to kill.

Typical herbs used to kill worms are black walnut, cloves and wormwood.  Black cumin has been used for centuries.  It is not a fast acting program.  There are some programs that will work immediately, but this is a safe, inexpensive way to protect yourself.

Realize that as long as you continue to eat meat and fruits and vegetables, you will have a worm problem.  Avoid eating any fruit with slits in them, such as cherries and grapes.  Wash your fruit good and inspect your fruit well. Do not buy bargain priced vegetables hoping to save money.  Good organic produce is always the best.

Note: You can use ground black seeds if you do not have the oil, but you will need 1 tablespoon of the ground seeds.