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From OLNET fellow Sandra Wills: Several descriptions of online role plays from the EnROLE repository are amalgamated in this cloudscape in order to foster discussion about useful methods for describing learning designs.


For each of the role play Clouds in this Cloudscape, please add other ways of describing its learning design.


This discussion is a follow up to Project EnROLE 2006-2009 in Australia which in turn was a follow up to the Learning Designs Project 2000-2003. Over 70 role play descriptions are in the EnROLE repository. The EnROLE team deliberately chose the two page/two picture template for describing each role play learning design in part as a reaction to the denser structured flowchart approach taken in the Learning Designs Project. Since then LAMS has emerged as another description method and Compendium and so on. EnRoLE did not have time to formally test that their two page/two picture approach was "better" but probably that's not quite the right question.


Therefore this cloudscape is a forum for discussion about the appropriateness of different learning design descriptions for different audiences. It is using online role play as the particular context for the discussion because online role play has very often been pointed to as an example of "good" learning design.

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