Nature on a lifetime student-friendly subscription. Not OER but ... | ORIOLE project |

Alert from AJ Cann on this. We hear so much in OER about obstructive publishers, nice to get some good news. Perhaps the start of a wider trend towards student-centricity and reasonableness? "Nature magazine’s publishing arm is releasing Principles of Biology, a 200-module Web-based college textbook that incorporates text, figures, video, and simulation—and works on all desktop operating systems and mobile platforms in contrast to Apple’s current locked-to-the-iPad approach. Nature has committed to constant updates (it’s a Web app, remember? no new downloads), and it’s $49 per student for a lifetime subscription. Nature isn’t making such a big deal out of the interactive parts, either; that’s part of the bigger picture and bigger package. It’s a multi-course set of curriculum enhancement for university-level teaching. Apple’s 1.0 approach on digital textbooks seems so much less ambitious..."

Via AJCann