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organizational transformation
radical rethinking of how an organization moves in space.
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Innovation Failure: A Pitstop to Transformation

Innovation Failure: A Pitstop to Transformation | organizational transformation |
The root cause of innovation failure can be hard to pinpoint. Here are five reasons for failure to consider when undertaking an innovation initiative.

"Things are always clearer in hindsight and I can now see that while my colleagues were plugging holes in the boat, and I was drawing plans for a new ship, not one of us was willing to admit we were no longer gliding on the water, but instead stuck in the mud.   It’s this blindness, or more truthfully, unwillingness to see, that led what once could have been a remarkable innovation for the organization and the industry, to devolve into an exercise in process reengineering." 

craig daniels's insight:

Failure in any project can send you and your team swiftly down the rabbit hole into uncharted territory but it doesn't have to be that way.

Failing at innovation has much going for it. First you were focusing on change and so you have a script of our journey that you can look at in hindsight to learn just what the potholes were that you missed first time through.

Alli Polin shares with us a candid take on her experience being in the midst of a project that failed to ignite in the ways hoped for, check it out.

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Scooped by craig daniels!

Is the answer as simple as Developing Mindful Leaders?

Is the answer as simple as Developing Mindful Leaders? | organizational transformation |

"Organizations invest billions annually on a success curriculum known as "leadership development," which ends up leaving so much on the table."

As we tumble headlong into a new year that is already rapidly evaporating I think it a great moment to stop and look around at just what's going on both inside ourselves and outside in the frantic workplace.

Polly LaBarre writes about how the integration of mindfulness into the workplace may be the only answer needed for success and satisfaction.

Mindfulness can create a wave of Innovation that cascades throughout our lives if we just stay in each moment.

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