How the Anxiety Epidemic in the Workplace is Ruining your Health | Organisation Development |


While there are a host of factors that attribute to anxiety, our work culture plays a big role. It’s where people spend most of their waking hours; and how we process our work lives has a dramatic affect on our well being.

“Surveys show that stress levels [in the US] have progressively increased over the past four decades,” Paul J. Rosch, MD, Chairman of the Board of The American Institute of Stress, told the Atlantic’s Maura Kelly.


Technology is a huge part of this trend, as it’s completely transformed how we live and work. We’re now connected 24/7, and the rapid pace of innovation means that almost any industry is constantly on the verge of being disrupted.


In a demanding world that’s increasingly complex, “it’s almost logical that people would respond with anxiety,” Tony Schwartz, founder of the Energy Project, tells Business Insider. “People respond with fear, and fear is anxiety.”

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