A Third of Executives Consider Quitting In Their First 90 Days - at what cost? | Organisation Development | Scoop.it

Senior executives are being poorly recruited and entered into UK organisations, according to new research from executive search firm Harvey Nash, with more than one in three (39 per cent) finding their start so bad they considered walking away from the organisation within the first three months. As a result of incomplete and inaccurate information about the role and organisation, one in five executives feel they do not fit in well with their business.


Executives say they could be on average 50 per cent more productive if their start in the business had been better organised, with executives who had a positive start evaluating themselves as significantly more effective. This effect is further amplified by lost productivity cascading through the team the executive is leading, so the actual cost of failing to onboard an executive in a way that delivers a good return on a company's investment in them runs into tens of thousands.

Via The Learning Factor