Welcome to Organ Donation & Transplant Matters Resources: ODTMR | Organ Donation & Transplant Matters Resources | Scoop.it

This is to announce the arrival of this new web resource http://scoop.it/t/organ-donation-transplant-matters-resources which is now the partner to the established Organ Donation and Transplant Matters (ODTM), http://scoop.it/t/organ-donation-transplant-matters .


This ever evolving web based source for information will focus predominantly on the factual, scientific basis of organ donation and transplantation-i.e. the published reports, reviews and research. The partner ODTM web resource will focus more on interesting news plus developments in advocacy in the same areas. The aim is to evolve the two sites to becoming complementary i.e. 'the bricks versus mortar approach'