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Reported initially via the medical journal The Lancet is this analysis of United Kingdom data of the outcomes of kidney transplantation from deceased donors. Although older Circulatory-Death Donor Kidneys are acceptable for transplantation the results reflect organ donor selection practices, including during the organ retrieval surgery. Plus as noted in the accompanying editorial there has been a relatively high rate of discardment of deceased donor kidneys within the United Kingdom in recent years.


The government-funded study of 6,490 kidney transplants also confirmed that donor age over 60 years compared to age under 40 years is associated with an increased risk of graft loss and inferior longer term graft survival, with there also being an added impact of longer cold storage times.


To read the online commentary in Renal & Urology News clisk on the banner headline. Access to the online article is via- http://www.thelancet.com

published the first week of March 2013