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How organ donation is getting nudge in the right direction in the United Kingdom - The Independent

How organ donation is getting nudge in the right direction in the United Kingdom - The Independent | Organ Donation & Transplant Matters Resources |

This report via The Independent outlines how organ donation is getting a nudge in the right direction within the United Kingdom.

For years the NHS has grappled with the conundrum of how to increase the number of people on Britain's Organ Donor Register. Now the results of some interesting research has revealed what type of messaging is most likely to resonate with members of the community.


Postive messages which are appealling to individuals are more likely to work versus messages outlining the harsh realities of potential transplant recipients.


Examples of the questions that were asked for this research are outlined in the following article-


An update of the results of this research were published online in March 2014-


Deborah Verran's insight:

Effective messaging that is directed  to members of the community about organ donation, seems far more likely to lead to public engagement and hence the appropriate actions being taken

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Concept Mapping as a Tool for Group Problem Solving

(Video) Concept mapping with a group can be a powerful exercise in augmenting collective intelligence -- Howard Rheingold



"An animated presentation about concept mapping. Focuses on how groups can employ the technique as a tool for collaborative planning and problem solving". This video focuses on how knowledge is generated...and can lead on to decisions and more importantly action.

Via Howard Rheingold
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Thanks Beth.

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