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IncitED -a crowdfunding community designed for educators

IncitED -a crowdfunding community designed for educators | Open Research & Learning |

"To incite important educational initiatives and innovations that benefit learners and their communities around the world. We want to provide a powerful and intuitive platform where educators can:
> Fund worthwhile projects
> Find, share, and replicate effective practices
> Collaborate and inspire one another


We aim to do this by simplifying the process of contributing to excellent projects worldwide for all who share the goal of bettering education."


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ghbrett's curator insight, July 8, 2013 12:29 PM

It's great to see a crowdfunding (crowdsource funding) site for Education! Have a look and see if your education or training activities might benefit from such funding or at least the exposure to this community online.

Andrew Woods's curator insight, February 4, 2014 11:15 PM

Interesting idea!

Scooped by ghbrett!

Knowledge Sharing in Open Innovation: An Overview of Theoretical Perspectives on Collaborative Innovation

Abstract: "Open innovation has received an increasing amount of attention from innovation scholars and practitioners alike. As a specific type of open innovation, collaborative innovation combines knowledge in flows and out flows and is thus at the core of open innovation. To better understand this coupled process of open innovation, this chapter provides an overview of the theoretical perspectives on open collaborative innovation. In particular, knowledge sharing is considered as a main driver of successful collaborative innovation. Accordingly, the chapter reviews some of the main trends in practices and theories related to open collaborative innovation. The main purpose is to provide an overview of the main perspectiveson collaborative knowledge sharing within established economic organization and strategic management theories. Thus, by providing a more solid theoretical basis for future work in open innovation, this chapter contributed to the theory behind open innovation, which in turn can be used to inform openinnovation practices." from source:

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