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Banyan - Share, Collaborate & Publish Research

"Banyan makes it easy for scientists to share, publish, and collaborate what they are working on. We are building modern tools for the modern scientist.


... Research should not be thwarted by an industry run on the privatization of information. Instead, it should be enhanced by open access. Open access allows the knowledge of scientific research to be easily accessible to any audience. The open access movement began 19 years ago with Steven Harnad’s Subversive Proposal. By making published work freely accessible to people, it provides a platform for academics to share their knowledge. This movement has already begun in other countries with mandates for open access in Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, and Australia.


This movement cannot move forward unless we are willing to take a stand on this problem. Every researcher, librarian, university administrator and funding body should promote open access before this movement takes off. Our goal with Banyan is to give everyone an equal seat at the table. We want to level the playing field of research. We invite researchers to use Banyan to recapitulate scholarly communication and expand the distribution of information."

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ghbrett's curator insight, July 31, 2013 9:39 AM

This innovative service uses the LaTex authoring system which has been in use for many years by the Scientific and Mathematics communities in order to create complex algorithms for print purposes. Banyan Publish combines LaTEX with the collaborative project with version control using the repository, Git Hub ( ). In addition Banyan Publish uses Markdown, from Wikipedia: "The language takes many cues from existing conventions for marking up plain text in email. Markdown formatted text should be readable as-is, without looking like it's been marked up with tags or formatting instructions, unlike text which has been formatted with a Markup language, such as HTML, which has obvious tags and formatting instructions. Markdown is a formatting syntax for text that can be read by humans and can be easily converted to HTML."

( )


Banyan Publish is a freemium service that allows a single user free access and then has reasonable pricing for teams and for enterprises. There are growing numbers of online projects that use Git Hub to manage documents as well as application development. This facility along with simplified Markdown will make Banyan Publish a useful tool for many communities, small groups, and enterprise projects

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jQuery Learning Center

jQuery Learning Center | Open Research & Learning |

"There’s a lot more to learn about building web sites and applications with jQuery than can fit in API documentation. If you’re looking for explanations of the basics, workarounds for common problems, best practices, and how-tos, you’re in the right place!


... All of the content in this site is completely open source, and we welcome your contribution. Whether you notice a small improvement that should be made, or want to write entirely new articles, this is one area where feature requests are encouraged!


... Each of our articles has a link to the raw content on GitHub, and we urge everyone to fork, edit, and help improve this community resource!" - from source:

ghbrett's insight:

Here is an open source site that also provides teaching and training about jQuery and how to not just learn the basics but ways to apply this to improve web applications. In addition to content on the site, note that the material links to raw content on GitHub. So it's available for the learner to see the insides of the programming. Last but not least is their invitation for the learner to join in and add to the content and knowledge base of their site / project.

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