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#DataScience Workflow: Overview and Challenges I #methods #research

#DataScience Workflow: Overview and Challenges I #methods #research | Open Knowledge |
I provide an overview of the data science workflow and highlight some challenges that data scientists face in their work.

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luiy's curator insight, December 19, 2013 7:43 AM

@luiy. Great article about #DataScience: the workflow design, methods and problematics. 


What do data scientists do at work, and what challenges do they face?


This post provides an overview of the modern data science workflow, adapted from Chapter 2 of my Ph.D. dissertation, Software Tools to Facilitate Research Programming.

The Data Science Workflow

The figure below shows the steps involved in a typical data science workflow.  There are four main phases, shown in the dotted-line boxes: preparation of the data, alternating between running the analysis andreflection to interpret the outputs, and finally dissemination of results in the form of written reports and/or executable code.

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How to Think like a Data Journalist

How to Think like a Data Journalist | Open Knowledge |

Whilst preparing for her Strata keynote, Google's Kathryn Hurley spent a week with the Datablog team and here are a few key takeaways from that experience...


Exploring the methods and tools that a data journalist uses in their day to day activity at the Guardian Datablog: The fast-paced environment means data analysis tools that are quick and easy to use reign supreme. There are really three major steps of the Guardian Datablog's process that drive the tools and resources they use:
  - Getting the data
  - Telling the story
  - Sharing the data


Read further for more details on the data journalism process and associated resources and links, as well as how you can apply some of these data analysis techniques to your own work...


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