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Open Educational Resources (OER)
Reuse – copy verbatim // Redistribute – share with others // Revise – adapt and edit // Remix – combine with others  // Retain - make, own, and control copies
Curated by Andreas Link
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Scooped by Andreas Link!

McGreal, Rory et al. (eds.) - Perspectives on Open and Distance Learning: Open Educational Resources: Innovation, Research and Practice

McGreal, Rory et al. (eds.) - Perspectives on Open and Distance Learning: Open Educational Resources: Innovation, Research and Practice | Open Educational Resources (OER) |

This book, initiated by the UNESCO/COL Chair in OER, is one in a series of publications by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) examining OER. It describes the movement in detail, providing readers with insight into OER’s significant benefits, its theory and practice, and its achievements and challenges. The 16 chapters, written by some of the leading international experts on the subject, are organised into four parts by theme:
1. OER in Academia – describes how OER are widening the international community of scholars, following MIT’s lead in sharing its resources and looking to the model set by the OpenCourseWare Consortium
2. OER in Practice – presents case studies and descriptions of OER initiatives underway on three continents
3. Diffusion of OER – discusses various approaches to releasing and “opening” content, from building communities of users that support lifelong learning to harnessing new mobile technologies that enhance OER access on the Internet
4. Producing, Sharing and Using OER – examines the pedagogical, organisational, personal and technical issues that producing organisations and institutions need to address in designing, sharing and using OER

Annarita Bergianti's curator insight, May 4, 2013 6:13 AM

giovanna g.: un e-book free edito dall'Unesco che ci permette di fare il punto della situazione sull'OER, nella pratica, nell'Università e nella sua diffusione attraverso le nuove tecnologie mobile. Consiglio a tutti di scricarlo e studiarlo (secondo me con questo un esame del Master è fatto!!!)

riscooppato tramite gli account scoop che seguo fra i preferiti su medesimo, lo potete vedere in alto.

Scooped by Andreas Link!

Deutscher Bundestag: Open Access soll Innovation in Wissenschaft unterstützen

"Die Kommission empfiehlt neben vielen anderen Punkten, Open Access im Wissenschaftsbereich umfassend zu unterstützen und damit die Innovationskraft im Forschungs- und Wissenschaftsbereich zu stärken. Gelichzeitig wird aber auch geraten, „die bestehenden und erprobten Wege zur Verbreitung via Open Access ebenso wie die Rechte der Autoren zu stärken“. Es solle eine nachhaltige Strategie entwickelt werden."

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