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What do FutureLearn’s Terms and Conditions say about open content?

What do FutureLearn’s Terms and Conditions say about open content? | Open Educational Resources (OER) |
The appearance of FutureLearn’s new website caused considerable discussion on twitter this morning.

Via Robert Schuwer
Andreas Link's insight:

Stephen Downes' remarks:

Robert Schuwer's curator insight, June 6, 2013 2:07 AM

The license is the same as that used by Udacity, being the most restrictive CC-license. But hey, it's better than completely closed ;-). In the terms of use of Futurelearn, a student has to register and comply to a code of conduct similar to that used by Coursera (e.g. no cheating). It seems EdX will be the most open of the Big Three, although currently most of the courses are not (yet?) published under a CC-license.

Scooped by Andreas Link!

Tony Hirst: UK universities embrace the free, open, online future of higher education powered by The Open University

Andreas Link's insight:

George Siemens says:
'Finally, alternatives to prominent MOOCs':

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