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Open Educational Resources (OER)
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Leigh-Anne Perryman - Open educational resources: A bridge to formal education?

Leigh-Anne Perryman - Open educational resources: A bridge to formal education? | Open Educational Resources (OER) |

The relationship between open educational resources and formal education is complex and multifaceted. In the early days of OER, detractors of the OER movement cautioned that universities could suffer financially from releasing free content – a vision of OER as in competition with formal education. To date, OER Research Hub (OERRH) research around the hypothesis ‘open education acts as a bridge to formal education, and is complementary, not competitive, with it’ has found some evidence in support of this assertion.

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Peter Sloep: About formal and informal (non-formal) learning

"Discussions abound about how to properly differentiate formal and informal learning. To make things even more complicated, some throw in the notion of non-formal learning as a further refinement. On the one hand, the distinction has been made loosely to differentiate between learning in schools (formal) and all the other learning (informal). As long as you don't think to deeply, this works. However, now that some want to start theorizing about informal learning (workplace learning, professional learning, ...) and environments are claimed to be developed for it (such as MOOCs), too loose a definition won't do anymore. I will make a suggestion here for a sharp distinction that is simple to apply yet allows us to continue most of the conversations about formal and informal learning that we have engaged in."

Francois Adoue's curator insight, July 29, 2013 6:07 AM

recognition of competences acquired during informal learning is essential, specially on green jobs, it is always difficult to identify the difference !

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EAEA - European Commission calls for recognition of skills gained outside formal education

As part of its strategy for creating jobs and growth, the Commission has launched an initiative to boost the recognition of skills and competences gained outside school or university.
Francois Adoue's curator insight, July 29, 2013 6:11 AM

Europe call for a more global approach for recognition of competences ! Of course, it is in line with companies needs !