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Open Educational Resources (OER)
Reuse – copy verbatim // Redistribute – share with others // Revise – adapt and edit // Remix – combine with others  // Retain - make, own, and control copies
Curated by Andreas Link
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Rescooped by Andreas Link from OER Research Hub!

CaPRéT Final Report available

CaPRéT Final Report available | Open Educational Resources (OER) |

Teachers and students cut and paste text from OER sites all the time–usually
that’s where the story ends. The OER site doesn’t know what text was cut, nor
how it might be used. Enter CaPRéT–Cut and Paste Reuse Tracking. OER sites that
are CaPRéT-enabled can now better understand how their content is being used

Via OER Hub
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Scooped by Andreas Link!

Testing Caprét

Testing Caprét | Open Educational Resources (OER) |
I’ve been testing the alpha release of CaPRéT , a tool that aids attribution and tracking of openly licensed content from web sites. According to the Caprét website.
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Suggested by Clare Atkins!

CaPRéT: Getting to the Alpha Release

The OER site can also track what text was cut, allowing them to better understand how users are using their site. When we proposed this work, we knew that the concept was possible but we didn't' know exactly how we might ...
Andreas Link's comment, August 20, 2011 3:40 AM
Clare, thanks!
Look here, too:
Clare Atkins's comment, August 20, 2011 3:57 AM
Interesting stuff :) thanks!