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I must say I found this really interesting. I had a very 'surface' idea of what OER was all about. Of course I found out more on the wiki link that Brownwyn referred to and on Wikipedia. The main ideas that stood out for me is sharing, collaboration and accessibility. I enjoyed reading Fiona's post and her comments about 'midwifery junction', it also showed me the delicate balance of having an 'open methodology' but having to restrict it to midwives in order to manage risk (unwanted media attention). In defining OER - it definitely is a philosophy that I can see would be challenging for some and I can't help but compare this with my work I do at University (whereby no academic files are networked and only you have accesss to your own files via your own computer) compared to here at OP where there seems to be more opportunities to collaborate.

Via Lars-Göran Hedström