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Badges? Certificates? What counts as succeeding in MOOCs?

Badges? Certificates? What counts as succeeding in MOOCs? | Open Badges |

Success and how it is measured continues to be one of the "known unknowns" for MOOCs. Debate (hype) on success is heightened by the now recognised and recorded high drop out rates. If "only" 3,000 registered users complete a MOOC then it must be failing, mustn't it? If you don't get the certificate/badge/whatever then you have failed. Well in one sense that might be true - if you take completion to equate with success. For a movement that is supposed to be revolutionising the (HE) system, the initial metrics some of the big xMOOCs are measuring and being measured by are pretty traditional. Some of the best known success of recent years have been college "drop outs', so why not embrace that difference and the flexibility that MOOCs offer learners?


Well possibly because doing really new things and introducing new educational metrics is hard and even harder to sell to venture capitalists, who don't really understand what is "broken" with education. Even for those who supposedly do understand education e.g. governments find any change to educational metrics (and in particular assessments) really hard to implement. In the UK we have recent examples of this with Michael Gove's proposed changes to GSCEs and in Scotland the introduction of the Curriculum for Excellence has been a pretty fraught affair over the last five years.

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grainnehamilton's insight:

Interesting post on how to demonstrate evidence of learning in MOOCs... I wonder if an Open Badge backpack could be useful here, combining a central portfolio of badges with links to the evidence submitted for receiving the badge (if the badge issuer includes it)...

EsdeGroot's curator insight, April 24, 2013 3:38 PM

What equates with success, indeed. Useful to continue the discussion about this.

Cláudia Gomes's comment, June 16, 2013 2:02 PM
Reaching the combination of behavior models, like badges, with social approaches.
Ken Ronkowitz's comment, June 16, 2013 3:51 PM
Definitely need to rethink "lurkers" as perhaps being "auditors."
Scooped by grainnehamilton!

Open Badges | Jisc RSC Scotland e-Assessment | #OpenBadges: challenges and opportunities for assessment

Open Badges | Jisc RSC Scotland e-Assessment | #OpenBadges: challenges and opportunities for assessment | Open Badges |
grainnehamilton's insight:

As I have a focus on assessment, in this post from January 2012 I explore some of the ways in which I think Open Badges could impact assessment practices.

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