"EPIC 2020, stands for the proposition that the education of the world will change dramatically for the better during this decade. The two movies that follow and this site hope to provide tools that shatter the paradigm that the future will be anything like the past as well as facilitate discussion and accelerate actions to bring about the transformation of the education of the world."


Comment: published in May this year but missed by me then, the 10 minute video narrative starts by saying that in the year 2020 most colleges and universities no longer exist. A story unfolds that begins with the success of the Khan Academy and Udacity, that predicts that Apple buys Amazon ('AppleZone') to boost the iTunesU, to which Google reacts with providing access to services that 'know what you know' and on the basis thereof 'predict what you need to know". In 2020 this revolution - the domination of global education by Apple and Google is complete, all universities and colleges have gone, except for those who cater for the rich and compete on the quality of food and leisure they provide. Watch it, your 10 minutes are well spent! (peter sloep, @pbsloep)

Via Peter B. Sloep