MOOC, a European view - Yves Epelboin | Open and online learning |

"Back from the United States, after a visit to the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University in Philadelphia, and having attended the 2012 Educause conference in Denver, this memo summerizes my understanding of MOOC, an initiative launched by several well known American universities. My main purpose was to understand what is behind this enthusiasm and how it can be translated to European universities.


The new concept, here, is the need to process large masses of students, requiring automatic control and monitoring with minimal human intervention. In other words “flipped learning” appears as a revolution in pedagogy, not because it is is more efficient, but because it is needed to handle large numbers of students. 


European universities must enter the movement. Otherwise all the space will be filled by initiatives coming from other places. The motivation to establish a MOOC, in Europe, can not be the same as in the United States, because the socio-economic context, the cost of education, the role of the state to define the university strategy, are completely different."

Via Peter B. Sloep