Peter Suber - Google+ - Once more: There's seldom a trade-off between prestige and open acces | Open Access News from the RSP team |

"Times Higher Education just published an accurate story with a misleading headline: "Scholars favour prestige over access."

Why is the story accurate? See the survey the story summarizes:  "UK Survey of Academics 2012," from Ithaka S+R, JISC, and RLUK, May 14, 2013. In particular see Figure 40 at p. 71. Here's how the authors of the survey interpret the results: "Three factors —all closely related to the prominence and reach of the publication— were rated as very important by more than 4 in 5 respondents: that the current issues of the journal are circulated widely, are well read by academics in their field, and have a high impact factor....And other factors —the journal’s accessibility in developing nations...and the journal making its articles freely available online so there is no cost to purchase or read them— were rated as important by less than a third of respondents overall."