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DIY, MOOCs, Badges, Open Education: How to Tell the Difference Between a Fad and a Trend? - Batson Blog

Now that Coursera has created a business plan, we may be able to call MOOCs a trend and not a fad. The business plan is to sell access to the list of those MOOC enrollees who opt in to companies looking for employees.

You wondered how the MOOC companies could sustain themselves by offering free courses? Well, this new plan is one answer.

The sudden explosion of MOOC mania says many things: first, it could of course just be a phase, but if it is not a phase depending on a particularly bad job market for survival, then what does it say beyond "watch out, higher education"?

Via Alastair Creelman, Lars-Göran Hedström
David Bramley's curator insight, December 12, 2012 6:58 PM

Currently, assessed learning is 'king' and those who own the right to award, wield the power.  But ever increasing fees are encourging many to find ways to disrupt the system and innovations like Mozilla Badges and Degreed are starting to look like viable alternatives.  Only time will tell  

Scooped by Heiko Idensen!

Fernstudium und Open Education: Widerspruch oder logische Weiterentwicklung?

Fernstudium und Open Education: Widerspruch oder logische Weiterentwicklung? | barcamps, educamps. opencourses, moocs |
Ausgangspunkt meiner Überlegungen ist der aktuelle Hype, der sich um offene Kursformate, wie den Massive Open Online Course #change11 oder den gerade abgelaufenen #opco12 entzündet hat. Gerade für Menschen, die im Kontext von Präsenz-Lehrformaten sozialisiert worden sind, scheint die Faszination für eine solche eigenverantwortliche Herangehensweise ungemein hoch zu sein, wie z.B. in dieser Abschlussbilanz zum Ausdruck kommt.
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