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Content Curation Tools For Brands

Content Curation Tools For Brands | Online Marketing Resources |
Content curation help brands increase their visibility and their customer engagment. Curation tools help pull, repurpose and publish content to create an...
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Rescooped by Pedro Da Silva from Content Marketing Tips!

How To Effectively Combine Curation With Your Content Strategy

How To Effectively Combine Curation With Your Content Strategy | Online Marketing Resources |

Margot Bloomstein, a content strategist talks about how to combine curation to your content strategy by showcasing lessons she has adopted from museum curators and so much more.


What caught my attention:


**She talks about copywriting issues. Because a curator goes way beyond aggregating which is just gathering content, they arrange it in order of relevance, point out what you should pay attention to and many other important things.  It takes a lot of thought to assemble pieces in a cohesive manner, add context to it, ad take it to the next level. 


**It is appropiate to give the curator credit if you're going to repost or use it in any manner.



Via janlgordon, Tom George
Tom George's comment, March 20, 2012 9:19 AM
Hey Pedro,
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