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Rescooped by Sakulsri Srisaracam from Content Curation World!

Local News Curation + Community Support: The Breaking News Network Winning Formula

Local News Curation + Community Support: The Breaking News Network Winning Formula | Online Journalism & Journalism in Digital Age |

Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, April 2, 2013 2:59 AM

If you were wondering how likely it is that news curation may become a key strategy for offering quality local news, you should check out this three-year old project called The Breaking News Network.

BNN, founded by Pat Kitano, already covers 350 cities worldwide by curating the most interesting local news stories from indigenous blogs and RSS feeds and having a unique focus on supporting community voices and interests.

BNN, in its own words is an active, community-sourced and locally driven information network, that uses curation to provide just-in-time relevant info and news to its communities.

From the official site: "The Breaking News Network delivers social media sourced news and information to over 350 cities and neighborhoods worldwide.

We’re unique to local publishing because we curate and publish the most interesting media and blog feeds in each city (that means less petty crime and accidents, more events, opinions and commentary) to create an aggregate real time ticker tape of literally everything happening in a city.

Every city’s WordPress based website (example: broadcasts more than just the usual daily news; it curates news by category: Things to Do, Sports, Food, Culture, etc. so users can find breaking news by topic of interest.

We utilize the curation and presentation tools by Rebelmouse to display content in a visual format.

We deliver localized news streams through Twitter and Facebook for each city and have amassed over 400,000 fans/followers who appreciate our real time local content."

One interesting aspect of The Breaking News Network is its strategic positioning, throughout all of its instances, as a collector and amplifier for the news coming from relevant local institutions and communities providing them with extra visibility and a very relevant context to reach out to interested people.

From "When BNN was launched three years ago to give voice to community causes, Kitano brought a unique knowledge from early experiments using Twitter (2006 – 2009) and social media to develop hyperlocal community information networks for the real estate market.

Focusing on social at the outset, Kitano was “cobbling together” segmented lists on Twitter before Twitter had even created “lists.” (For context, Twitter launched in July of 2006.)

Kitano sees BNN providing a shared social channel – one community, one voice, one cause at a time – with promise of doing good for others by supporting civic groups, local causes and arts organizations."

Here, in more detail, some of the community support they provide: "We provide free access for local institutions to our 350+ Twitter feeds via our unique Community Retweet Program.

We also provide this access to local politicians and local media so they can broadcast their most important messages to our communities.

We create national campaigns and build brand advocate networks for good causes.

We create unique ways for our readers to interact with their local institutions, like the National Aquarium and Chicago’s International Beethoven Festival."

SF Breaking News example:

Review by Journalism Accelerator:

More info:

City directory:

Fernando Zamith's curator insight, April 5, 2013 7:44 AM

Vale a pena seguir estas experiências. Já há edições na Europa (UK e Paris) -


Quem se quer aventurar na criação do Breaking Lisbon News ou do Breaking Porto News?


Socius Ars's curator insight, April 10, 2013 9:20 AM

add your insight...

Rescooped by Sakulsri Srisaracam from film and film in digital age!

Adam Curtis - The Rise and Fall of the TV Journalist

Segment from the Charlie Brooker's brilliant program "Screenwipe"

Via Ken Morrison, Torsakul Thira
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Rescooped by Sakulsri Srisaracam from Transmedia: Storytelling for the Digital Age!

Building Transmedia Journalism

Building Transmedia Journalism | Online Journalism & Journalism in Digital Age |
First, a transmedia approach to journalism would require that it be designed as transmedia from the start. Editors must consider what media are available to them and how the individual strengths of those media can be used to the story’s advantage...


[Another excellent piece from Kevin Moloney ....]

Via The Digital Rocking Chair
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Rescooped by Sakulsri Srisaracam from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

The Future of Journalism - More Localized - Citizens Help Curate & Create News

The Future of Journalism - More Localized - Citizens Help Curate & Create News | Online Journalism & Journalism in Digital Age |

This article is written by Ross Dawson, for The Future of Journalism Blog. Ross is one of my favorite people - His blog is Trends in The Living Networks - he's a media futurist and one of the best!


Here are some highlights:


****Novelty, in uncovering newsworthy stories, remains as critical as ever, reinforcing the importance of traditional journalism. Investigative reporting will retain a central role in society.


****Increasingly this will involve data analysis, and often harnessing information and insights provided by many citizens.


****Reputation becomes even more important in a world of unfettered information production.


****We will have context-specific measures for the reputation of both publications and individual journalists,


****enabling their audience to decide whether to place credence in their views.


****Relevance relates news to individuals or small groups of readers, often through personalisation and localisation.'


****Journalists will provide value through a deep understanding of focused groups, the issues they face and the decisions they need to make.


****Community will shift to the centre of media revenue models, meaning that journalists will need to understand and engage well with communities of news consumers, often enlisting their assistance to curate as well as contribute to news reporting.


****Those journalists and publishers who recognise where value resides in the emerging landscape of news will prosper themselves, and create many-faceted wealth for us all.


Curated by JanLGordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media & Beyond"

Via janlgordon
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