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Scooped by Ng Eng Poh!

An Examination of Socially Destructive Behaviors in Group Work

Ng Eng Poh's insight:

In a group setting, there may be 2 types of non-contributing team members:

1. non-contributing struggling students (NCSS)

2. social loafers (SL)


It is impt to distinguish the 2 as contributing students tend to treat NCSS the same way as SL, causing NCSS to be de-motivated and get marginalised. The paper found that if more support is given to the NCSS, they tend to improve and enjoy the learning experience.


One way to identify NCSS is for students to do weekly self-reflection journals. The paper reported that although both NCSS and SL report not contributing much to the group, NCSS will usually report good learning experience, as compared with SL.


Pedagogical implication is for educator to design curriculum such that it includes an element of self-monitoring activity, like a weekly reflective journal.


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