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Online Video in Education
Online video is blossoming into a exceptional teaching resource for teachers and learners. This will share tools & resources to help you locate and use online video for learning
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Rescooped by Stephen Bright from Video for Learning!

Henshaws College and Jisc launch an accessible YouTube website : JISC

Henshaws College and Jisc launch an accessible YouTube website : JISC | Online Video in Education |
Henshaws College has launched an accessible version of YouTube, which was funded by Jisc through Jisc Advance. It allows people with learning difficulties and disabilities to use this mainstream technology independently.

Access YouTube is a superb development from Mike Thrussell at  Henshaws College  which deserves as much recognition as it can get, let's hope this link will be shared as widely as possible, I will most definately continue to follow this innovative and valuable project.

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Scooped by Stephen Bright!

Vialogues : Meaningful discussions around video

Vialogues : Meaningful discussions around video | Online Video in Education |
Vialogues(Video+Dialogues) is an asynchronous Video discussion tool which can be used for leveraging digital videos for learning by adding group interaction as part of the online video experience.


Vialogues (= video dialogues) lets you upload your own videos as well as use videos from sources such as Youtube. Uploading videos the file formats supported are: .mov, .flv, mp4, mpeg, and .avi. The single file limit is 1G which is pretty generous. You can also create Vialogues for other people's video clips if they are already in the 'public' section of the Vialogues library.


Questions can be posted at certain points of the video (like Grockit Answers) and the range of question types includes multi-choice (poll) as well as open-ended (text) questions. You can also delete the questions and/or answers if you want to do that.


Private weblinks are created if you want to restrict your questions/answers to a particular group. Your own created vialogues appear in a list on the right side of the screen under My Vialogues when you log on initially,  after that clicking  on the red Vialogues speech bubble takes you back to your home page with your listed Vialogues.


A plus for Moodle users is that it is easy to copy and paste the embed code to embed the Vialogue in your Moodle LMS course - note that Moodle participants need a Vialogues account to see/comment on the Vialogue activity.


A little more complex than other tools (such as Grockit Answers) but a more comprehensive range of questions and management tools for the author makes this a more versatile tool than any other educational video activity tool on the web.


Well done EdLab!


The one improvement I would suggest is that (like Grockit Answers), the video clip automatically pauses when you start typing a question or typing an answer to a question.


My rating: 9.5/10

Zhou Zhou's comment, February 21, 2013 9:35 PM
Hi Stephen, I'm a year late to read your scoop but am excited to know you like it! Thanks for the 9.5 score. We designed Vialogues at the EdLab of Teachers College Columbia University to support teaching and learning via meaningful discussions around videos. Pausing the video when commenting was a feature in our beta version but after receiving user feedbacks we dropped it. The reason is we expect users to have a conversation-like experience around the video instead of Q&A. Not pausing the video will encourage the users to make shorter but more frequent discussions. Please feel free to visit us at