TrustCloud Profile for Dennis T OConnor

I've been experimenting with Trustcloud for a month or so.  I have some reservations (the tech is occassionally flaky) but I am interested in their underlying concept. 

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Amplify Content On LinkedIn

Common Sense advice!

Servant-leadership: the Online Way! E-learning where community building is key
Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nabil Sultan, Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom

The digitalisation of educational communities has increased rapidly in the last decade. Modern technologies transform the way educational leaders such as tea...
Dennis Thomas O'Connor | is a complete rethinking of what a resume can be. You no longer have to cram your experience and expertise onto a plain white piece of paper.
2013 DICSV Title of Session: “e-Harmony for Employment: Value-Congruency and Making the Right Con...

Here's a brief overview of a presentation I did with Annette Schmeling for the Jon C. Dalton Institute.  Working with Annette was one of the highlights of my career. 

Top Ways to Use Social Media for Getting a Job [INFOGRAPHIC]
Getting a job is difficult, but it’s a well known fact that social media can make it an easier task.
Here is the ultimate guide to using social for getting a job, by CIPHR.
Takeaways:93% of recruiters will search for social media profiles during the interview process.When using Instagram, make su...
Beyond Job Hunting: LinkedIn Launches New Marketplace to Help Professionals Find Meaningful Volun...
Are you looking to work toward a cause you believe in while gaining new skills? LinkedIn's new Volunteer Marketplace might help you find your next volunteer opportunity!
How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Career Video
The good news: recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates for jobs. The bad news: there are 260 million LinkedIn profiles out there, making it rather difficult
6 Ways to Protect Your Twitter Reputation
Use these tips on etiquette to build and protect a reliable reputation for your brand on Twitter.
Online Reputation Management on Steroids
My keynote for the latest ZF Digital '13 Conference. Online Reputation Management on Steroids. Reputation is Your Brand's Treasure. Your Main Asset. Reputation