Online Trust, Reputation and Values
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Online Trust, Reputation and Values
How do you establish a reputation trail that promotes trust based on shared values?
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Scooped by Dennis T OConnor!

5 Big Reasons New Grads are Failing the Job Search

5 Big Reasons New Grads are Failing the Job Search | Online Trust, Reputation and Values |
A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Real Job After Graduation.

Although a poor resume is one reason new grads are failing in the job search, it’s a symptom of bigger issues. At last count, something like 53% of new grads under the age of 25 are unemployed or underemployed. The word we’re using for this now is “malemployment.”


What’s discouraging is that many give up the job search far too soon, and settle for one to two other options:

  1. Taking a part time, low wage job to create some level of sustainable income, or,

  2. Consider taking on more debt by going back to grad school.


My response is to say not yet, to both. Because for many grads, they have not put in the work to overcome the systemic issues which created their conundrum in the first place.


Dennis T OConnor's insight:

Creating a marketing plan to guide your job search is just one part of the excellent advice contained in this article.  

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Younger Workers Need a Career Narrative

Younger Workers Need a Career Narrative | Online Trust, Reputation and Values |
Here's how to build one.

Via Karen Dietz
Dennis T OConnor's insight:

Anyone building a career will benefit from this article. Our narrative changes over time, but we all have stories to tell.  

Sharilee Swaity's curator insight, February 24, 2013 10:38 AM

Article is focused on having a career story in the workforce, but the same concepts apply to someone who is doing freelancing, and trying to sell themselves to potential clients. Great information! 

streetsmartprof's curator insight, March 12, 2013 7:17 PM

I am repeating Karen Dietz's insights from below, says it all for me...


Hey -- we ALL need a career narrative! And it is a story that continually shifts and changes over time as we add experience, wisdom, and talent.


I really like this article because it explains exactly what a career narrative is, why we need one, and how to create it.


And there are great examples shared.


I particulary like the point that a career narrative -- or bio or 'About' page -- needs to meaningfully link your past successes with your near + long term goals, AND suggest the kinds of assignments that would help you achieve those goals.


If you have difficulty sharing the story of your career journey, if you need a better bio or 'About' page, then use these tips and examples to craft a better story!

Chris Morales's curator insight, March 27, 2013 11:36 AM

Some good tips on how to tell your career story more effectively #jobs

Scooped by Dennis T OConnor!


HireArt | Online Trust, Reputation and Values |

HireArt is a new type of jobs marketplace that uses online challenge-based interviews to vet job applicants. HireArt has designed interviews and created work samples that mimic what a candidate would do at the real job. Employers use HireArt to quickly identify and filter the most qualified candidates.

For job applicants, HireArt's interactive interviews allow them to best showcase their skills in a way that goes far beyond the traditional resume.

Dennis T OConnor's insight:

For the moment this company specializes in Education Technology work. They also feature jobs in marketing, business development, customer service, and operations. Applicants particiapte in a video interview that becomes part of thier online portfolio.  The concept emphasizes showing what you know. This is a start up company with momentum and funding doing something new and interesting.  

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5 Social Networks Students Can Use To Find A Job | Edudemic

5 Social Networks Students Can Use To Find A Job | Edudemic | Online Trust, Reputation and Values |

The days when the Career Services of schools and universities were limited to CV Clinics and interview tips are long gone. With social media, university career advisors have all the necessary tools to give extra support to current students and alumni who are looking for placements in the competitive job market. This is heightened when you consider the following:


68% of recruiters have hired someone based on what they see online.90% of hiring managers and recruiters review candidates’ online information first.


Several universities have already implemented successful Career Services on social media. With the help of the careers team at the London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) and Finance Business Training (FBT), we list below the reasons why you should consider integrating 5 social media channels into your Career Services.


Click headline to read more--

Via Chuck Sherwood, Senior Associate, TeleDimensions, Inc
Dennis T OConnor's insight:

An essential element in using social networks to find jobs is to have your personal values and beliefs out there on the Internet.  Project the best of yourself online as a way to open doors to opportunity. 

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