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Media, content, social media, marketing en communicatie zijn online continue in beweging. Voor bedrijven en zelfstandig professionals verzamelen we hier nieuws, tips & tricks en inspirerende inzichten.
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Rescooped by Bart van Maanen from Just Story It! Biz Storytelling!

13 Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating Killer Visual Stories

13 Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating Killer Visual Stories | Online tips & social media nieuws |

Creating your own images is also an excellent tactic for re-purposing text-only content into enticing images. Here are some examples: Turn quotes into an interesting slideshow, post an event announcement on a pretty picture, place stats onto eye-catching graphs, give a blog post title some pizzaz, create an infographic about the history of your biz, create a catchy, custom featured image for a video, etc. The possibilities are endless.


To help you create images that get BuzzFeed-worthy engagement, here are 13 of our favorite and easy-to-use visual content creation tools....

Via Jeff Domansky, Karen Dietz
ffeog's curator insight, March 13, 2015 4:38 AM

A picture speaks a thousand words - some good resources here for visual content and creation to add a visual dimension to your messages, which tend to perform much better for opens and clicks than text alone.

Carlene Kelsey's curator insight, March 25, 2015 10:22 AM

Content is shared in many forms.  These tools make it pretty easy to get creative.

Michelle Gilstrap's curator insight, March 25, 2015 3:14 PM
Good article to help anyone wanting to create better content.
Rescooped by Bart van Maanen from Eclectic Technology!

Goed lijstje met mogelijkheden van interactieve video

Goed lijstje met mogelijkheden van interactieve video | Online tips & social media nieuws |

"We take for granted that we can interact with text, but up until recently it’s been a challenge to interact (read/write/talk) with media...

Being able to interact with video allows us to personalize video-based instruction, by leading learners to the segment of video we like them to watch, by adding voice-overs, notes, pop-ups, screenshots, maps, references, pauses. It also allows learners to create video with even more depth and features and can the interaction can be used to support media literacy learning."

Via Beth Dichter
Bart van Maanen's insight:

Met meer mogelijkheden tot interactie met video's krijg je betere en persoonlijker betrokkenheid bij de inhoud. Door audio of voice-over toe te voegen of notities, kaarten enzovoort. Dat werkt natuurlijk prima in onderwijs of instructievideo's. 

Rosemary Tyrrell, Ed.D.'s curator insight, July 22, 2014 9:51 PM

A good overview on the available tools to make video interactive.

Alfredo Corell's curator insight, July 23, 2014 7:38 AM
  • Created for educators, EDpuzzle allows teachers to set up classes, to assign specific video lessons and to engage students in creating their own video lessons.  Analytics share which students watch, when they last watched, and whether they watched at home or at school.
  •  Mozilla PopcornMaker is a powerful multiple-layer video editor that invites users to remix videos to include pop-ups, text boxes, images, maps (even in streetview), as well as Wikipedia articles that continue to update.
  • ThingLink for video,  looks so promising.
  • eduCanon is an interactive learning platform into which teachers may embed questions and any html object.  
  • TED-Ed lessons offer educators the opportunity to customize a TED video to meet their specific instructional needs.
  • Write-on Video is an iPad app that allows users to annotate and animate videos and pictures, by arranging the elements into storyboards and slideshows enhanced by free-hand drawing, text boxes, stamps, and sound clips.
Becky Roehrs's curator insight, July 23, 2014 10:31 AM

Excellent round-up of tools we have available to update our videos with voiceovers, notes, pop-ups, screenshots, maps, and references!