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Rescooped by Bart van Maanen from Just Story It! Biz Storytelling!

Missing Story Sharing In A Big Push to Humanize Marketing

Missing Story Sharing In A Big Push to Humanize Marketing | Online tips & social media nieuws |
Bryan Kramer serves as a sort of Zen master to digital marketers. While marketers comb through social analytics, Google analytics and the other daily jetsam of marketing campaigns, only to discard the analysis when a new metric turns up, Kramer’s company Pure Matter exudes a composed calm, adjusting its campaigns [...]

Via Karen Dietz
Karen Dietz's curator insight, May 12, 2015 6:29 PM

I really love this post advocating for Human 2 Human (H2H) communication instead of business speak.


The author @MarkFidelman is talking about the book by Bryan Kramer called Shareology: How Sharing Is Powering the Human Economy. He quotes Kramer in the article:


“As marketers, we've been trained to speak 'business to business' (B2B) or 'business to consumer' (B2C). But instead of this creating a simple framework for dialogue between humans, it set forth an unnatural language for marketers, using words like 'synergy' and 'speeds and feeds' to tell the stories of products and services to their buyers and partners.”


I couldn’t agree more.


Both authors then go on to advocate for storytelling. Yay! I’m stoked. Yes – it’s about story sharing! Someone in marketing is finally catching on to the difference the dynamic of story sharing can make in marketing.

Imagine my dismay when I read a little further in the article “Yet, as Kramer told me, sharing needs to be combined with creative and interesting content. Story telling is important, and telling it in a creative way is key.”


Oh no! They missed the connection. What they are really talking about is “I create a piece of content, you share it, and I’ll share your piece of content in return.” Woo hoo – sharing has occurred.


OK – we know the magic that can happen when we share stories – H2H – back and forth. We know connection, trust, credibility, believability, and relationship gets established and grows. This is not the same as swapping blog posts, and the article shows we still have a ways to go in shifting marketing practices from telling to sharing.


What can you take away from this post? Well, there are 3 other pieces of advice the authors make that I like. And I love the points made at the ending. So go read those and tell me what you think.

Next, let’s all focus more on actually swapping stories between companies and customers to leverage the amazing power of H2H communication.

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at 

Scooped by Bart van Maanen!

The Science Behind Storytelling Infographic

The Science Behind Storytelling Infographic | Online tips & social media nieuws |
Brands use social for storytelling 88 percent of the time.
Tania Tytherleigh's curator insight, July 19, 2014 8:37 PM

Storytelling is also a powerful leadership tool we can use to really connect with our staff.