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Managing employees has a lot more in common with the way writers develop fiction characters than you might have thought.


Now here's an interesting article! Basically it encourages leaders to ask the same questions regarding their employees as writers do when developing characters.


Why? Because employee engagement is at an all-time low according to the articles I regularly scan. Perhaps following the advice here will help leaders connect.


What's the best way to connect with staff? Through conversational story sharing.


Don't you just love cross-fertilization?!


Anyway, the article makes great points about reflecting on employee wants, obstacles, and what the leaders's role is in helping them.


And of course, the critical skills of listening, and then coaching.


Reflection, and both the asking of questions and listening, requires leaders take time out for all three -- and that is tough to do, no question. But if you can, you may be amazed with the results!

Via Karen Dietz