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This week’s blog posts are kind of in two parts: having owned the X pro for a couple of months now, I have had plenty of time to get to know it, and for it to get to know me. I suspect we have reached the point where we have an amicable accommodation, and as a result it has become my daily. I now find that I really only get out the Big Boys Toy when there is a job for it to do (grand landscape, studio portraiture and the like). For the rest of the time my XPro-1 follows me everywhere. And, having had time to get to know its little foibles, I have come to a sense of how it works for me, and the way I like it to sit be set up. When I wrote my formal review, one or two of the people who came and visited the blog asked me what my settings were. I did not share these at the time, since I was still working them out for myself. But now I have had time to consolidate the way that I work, I would like to share this with you.

Via Thomas Menk