Colour or Black and White? Black and white version . . . | Roger Gould photographer | One of the Secret of Life is to Make Steeping Stones out of Stumble Blocks |

It was the 1st day of Spring in Melbourne, so that seemed a good reason for some street photography. Then the thought came to me re colour or black and white? With the release of the Leica Monochrom with a black and white only sensor in the camera, a new super 50mm lens and an incredible price tag for each, are there any benefits in it for me if I owned them? I am very happy with the quality of theFuji X-ProPro1 and its lens so what are the advantages ? Firstly although I visualise my street photos in BW there are also times that I come across subjects that need colour eg. my recent graffiti pictures. Also I frequently add to my stock pics in colour while doing street pics. Does that mean you have to carry 2 Leica M9′s one for colour, one for black and white. A very pricey proposition.

Via Thomas Menk