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SocialAction2015 is important and plays a key role by equipping our communities with the knowledge of the mishaps and social injustices in the country (USA) and around the world. By providing this exclusive complimentary service to communities everywhere, our mission is to keep our people connected by encouraging the discussion of these topics.
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Rescooped by Darcy Delaproser from visual data!

Infographic: 4,000 Years Of Human History Captured In One Retro Chart

Infographic: 4,000 Years Of Human History Captured In One Retro Chart | SocialAction2015 |

If time is a river, the Histomap, first published by Rand McNally back in 1931, is a raging Mississippi. In that massive river of time, each of humanity’s great civilizations becomes a confluence that ebbs, wanes, and sometimes ebbs again, each a separate current in a river that inexorably rages down to the mouth of the present day.

Although certainly not modern, the Histomap is still a breathtaking example of good infographic design: A five-foot, roll-up chart that can fit an overview of human history on any wall. Starting in 2000 B.C. with seven different civilizations--the Aegeans, the Egyptians, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Iranians, the Indians, the Huns, and the Chinese--you travel forward or backward in time as your eyes move up or down 0.75 inches. Some civilizations bleed together, others are swallowed up; some surge, others crash...

Via Lauren Moss
Franc Viktor Nekrep's curator insight, August 22, 2013 9:31 AM

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Sieg Holle's curator insight, August 30, 2013 2:56 PM

We can learn from history 

Rescooped by Darcy Delaproser from 21st Century Learning and Teaching!

A Must-See Anti-Bullying Poster Perfect For Classrooms

A Must-See Anti-Bullying Poster Perfect For Classrooms | SocialAction2015 |
This anti-bullying poster is absolutely perfect for posting on your classroom website or on your bulletin board. We at Edudemic love it.

Via Gust MEES
COFACE's curator insight, May 14, 2013 3:17 PM

Very cute!


L Orange's curator insight, May 16, 2013 9:50 PM

Supports an iPad book called "It's Okay to be Different" (via Story Panda). Beautiful but simple message. 

Grace Hamilton's curator insight, April 14, 2014 5:57 PM

This is the best anti-bullying poster I think I've ever come across. The visual would be perfect in an elementary classroom, and the poster covers all areas from glasses to adoption to stuttering. Let's celebrate our differences!