Uniting Online Learning and Self-Directed Learning – A New Relationship | On education | Scoop.it

The concept of self-directed learning has long fascinated researchers in the field of education for quite some time. Becoming a self-directed learner is found to be most important as we develop into adults. It is often cited as being one of the most important functions of education. However, research has shown that there needs to be a readiness for self-directed learning that comes with maturity.


Prior research suggests that in order to be successful in an online learning environment, one must have a technical readiness and a self-directed readiness (Guglielmino & Guglielmino, as cited in Piskurich, 2003). However, with the rapid growth of virtual schooling and states now requiring virtual credits to graduate high school, it is more important that students are successful in an online learning environment.

Via Dennis T OConnor, Dr. Richard NeSmith