A Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up An eBook Library On Your iPad | On education | Scoop.it
The recently announced iPad mini, along with similar digital tablets like the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 make for nearly perfect e-reading devices.


Building an e-library is ten times easier than building and maintaining a paper book library.


So after you’ve purchased your iPad, you will want to install at least two e-book reading apps on your device: the iBooks Reader and the Kindle for the iPad. Both are free downloads.


This beginner’s guide recommends apps and features to get you started in building your library. Though the focus on is on the iPad, because it’s the device used for the last two years to build an e-library, the recommendations apply to other devices, including the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Nobel Nook. But the iPad offers some extra features that you will eventually find useful over other devices.


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