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TED TALKS: Debunking the Paleo Diet

TED TALKS: Debunking the Paleo Diet | offers |
  "There is no one correct diet. Diet diversity if key. We need to eat fresh foods when possible. We need to eat whole foods." - Dr. Warinner   TED Fellow Christina Warinner is an expert ...

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#paleodiet #dietfads #wellnesscoachingadvice #fitnessgoals #debunkingdiets Maybe you have heard of the paleo diet or "paleolithic diet"?    It is one of the newer diet fads out there.    Basically you are required to eat only meats and avoid grains and processed foods.   It does not sound like a bad way to meet fitness goals.   However wellness coaching advice on debunking diets has a few suggestions you might want to listen to before you start your paleo diet.    Word to the wise, diversity is a key part to any diet or weight loss plan.    A good video on the subject has more.