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Links that I want to share and remember because they made me think more deeply on a topic. Warning: I do engage in some 'linkdumping' here. This is not a true curation page.
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A Road To Success Using Social Media | AllTwitter

A Road To Success Using Social Media | AllTwitter | Ken's Odds & Ends |

Did you know that 95 percent of businesses throughout the world use social media as a networking tool, and that fifty percent of these companies have noticed a significant improvement in their visibility, website traffic and sales, accordingly? Used correctly, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn allow brands of all shapes and sizes across almost every industry worldwide to attract and engage with customers (old and new), convert enquiries into strong leads and deliver first-class customer support and service. It takes work, and it takes time, but the road is there for everyone. You just have to take those first steps – and then keep putting one foot in front of the other. This infographic takes a closer look at some key social media facts, figures and statistics....

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Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, April 25, 2013 9:57 AM

The Future Of Social Media Is Not What We Think

We use social media now as children use a hammer. Sometimes we hit a nail's head, but mostly we inflict damage on ourselves and those around us. As we grow up with social media marketing we will see that its secret is the connections it brings and the way it changes US. 

I wrote about social media's "most important ROI" ( ) and would add to that view how social media changes the enterprise. A "social business" operates differently.

Social Businesses
* More Open.

* Listen More Than You Talk.

* Responsive, able to change based on feedback. 

* Environment rewards, encourages and asks for feedback.

* Many ways to provide feedback. 

* Feedback is actively curated into and feedback out of company. 

* Feedback scales (grows faster and faster). 

* There are KPIs for feedback. 

Social businesses measure, trend and respond to social stats. They develop meaningful KPIs for their social business and never simply plug and play. They are always present and accounted for. 

Jeff Domansky's comment, April 27, 2013 3:52 PM
Marty, thanks for your comments and wonderful insight as always. I totally agree. Always, always start with strategy.
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Landing Pages: A Selection of 25 Best Practices [Infographic]

Landing Pages: A Selection of 25 Best Practices [Infographic] | Ken's Odds & Ends |


Robin Good: To create an effective landing page you need to pay attention to a lot of critical factors. From the layout and positioning of the graphic and text elements on it, to the language and communication style to use.


Frequent mistakes include wanting to include too much stuff, providing too many links going off into different directions and not paying enough attention to small details which can make or break your credibility and reputation on the web.


Excerpted from the original article:


"If you are searching for conversion-focused landing page best practices, then look no further than our latest infographic.


We’ve highlighted twenty-five tips you can incorporate into your landing page optimization strategy immediately.


From creating targeted, cohesive campaigns to testing strategies that get results - this infographic covers it all."


Click here to view the full version:


Thanks to Agostino Caniato for uncovering it. 


Landing pages are more critical than ever for non-profits who want to do a better job segmenting their messaging to their various constituencies.  - Ken


Via Agostino Caniato, Robin Good, Ken Dickens
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