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Links that I want to share and remember because they made me think more deeply on a topic. Warning: I do engage in some 'linkdumping' here. This is not a true curation page.
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Rescooped by Ken Morrison from PRODUCTION of Video Music clips and songs!

Use A Video: Your Kickstarter Project Is 85 Percent More Likely to Be Funded [Study]

Use A Video: Your Kickstarter Project Is 85 Percent More Likely to Be Funded [Study] | Ken's Odds & Ends |
Kickstarter projects that use a video are 85 percent more likely to get funded, according to a recent study by MWP. 44 percent of Kickstarter projects get funded, and of that group, the ones withvideo more often reach their funding goals.

Via Charlie Dare
Charlie Dare's curator insight, September 19, 2013 8:51 AM

Dresdon Dolls former member Amanda Palmer puts her $1.2 million success down to artists and like minded people (her fans) trust, she will make something they will like " art is about community and sharing " she said, for $5000 she would play at their home $100 CD package and so forth. Process Vs Outcome from what I heard on radio not in my opinion any thing worth another listen and some understandable fall out too with Steve Albini her USA producer mumbled over..hope he didnt hear the same track I did about some junkies suburb St Kilda or something boring~


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Ziphius: The Aquatic Drone

The first app-controlled aquatic drone that plays augmented reality games and shows autonomous behaviors. Ziphius™ is zillions of fun!
Ken Morrison's insight:

I want one!

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7 Infographics: Kickstarter Facts, Figures & Statistics

7 Infographics:  Kickstarter Facts, Figures & Statistics | Ken's Odds & Ends |

Crowdfunding is on the rise, and Kickstarter is leading the pack. Not only is the trend increasing but, it I’ve noticed that the word “kickstart” has replaced some of the actual terms used when referring to other areas of crowdfunding.


Kickstarter Stats:

over 5 million daily visitors3700 ongoing projects funded$18 Million of fundingMultiple projects cross the $1 million thresholdFilm and Video, Games, Music, and Technology are the largest Categories
Via Lauren Moss
Ken Morrison's insight:

For me, Kickstarter is a great place for me to Kickstart my imagination and Kickstart my optimism.  There are so many great things happening in the world.   I don't know where I saw the statistic, but I remember hearing or reading one time about how we are silly to think that the future of the world is dark after we focus on the fact that (about) 90% of all scientists who have ever walked on earth are alive today.  That may have been a stretch, but I like the optimisim.


Iron Dane Richards's comment, September 23, 2013 8:19 AM
In my latest book on business credit it discusses the value of crowd-funding and Indigogo as they will fund anything unlike Kickstarter that specializes in Media oriented endeavors.
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, September 23, 2013 10:21 AM
Good insight from Iron Dane Richards. Easier to create a sure takeaway from Indigogo too since they will let campaigns increase the house take and walk away with something where Kickstarter is all or nothing. Either the campaign meets its goals or it gets nothing. 42% of the campaigns on Kickstarter meet their goals and most campaigns are funded at $10,000 or below.
Brett.Ashley.Crawford's curator insight, October 28, 2013 12:18 PM

Nonprofits are also looking to crowdfunding -- but it has a dark underbelly as well.