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#occupywallstreet, is an ongoing nonviolent demonstration, a social movement opposing what participants view as negative corporate influence over politics and a lack of legal repercussions over the global financial crisis.
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Occupy Discrimination Report Forum

Occupy Discrimination Report Forum | #OccupyWallstreet | Scoop.it

This page can be liked by anyone. Its a page for all Occupation Participants who wish to organize around this subject to help each other. If anyone is experiencing onsite discrimination at an Occupy Gathering for example. We can all share tools in dealing with the subject, and connecting people to affinity in their area. We also want to open this up to people who are being targeted by Multi-Agency Task Force tactics in social services, their employment, housing, or other type of discrimination for participating in a Occupy Free Speech Assembly. People with these issues can band together, form solidarity, and create private groups to discuss these issues. We are all participant driven process and welcome people who wish to co-admin and discuss these issues in a safe environment.

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