Press Invitation : 13/03 - Protest Rally/Action/Rassemblement : We denounce the silence around the Transatlantic free trade negotiations !

Press Invitation
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Brussels, 11 March 2014

Press Invitation

Protest Rally - Action

“We denounce the silence around the Transatlantic free trade negotiations!”

Thursday 13 March, 10am, Charlemagne Building, Brussels

The rally will be preceded by a surprise action!

Meet at 9h15, Schuman Roundabout, Brussels

for a briefing and then be led to the action


The latest round of trade negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US are taking place in Brussels from 10th to 14th March. The impact this treaty will have on the lives of millions of European and North American citizens means that it deserves our attention... and that we reject it.

This action comes out of the blockade of the European Summit last December by the D19-20 Alliance. On that occasion more than 2,500 people – citizens, farmers, activists, NGOs, collectives and trade unions – came together to denounce the harmful policies of austerity imposed by the European Union, of which TTIP is a part of.

The action is organised by D19 20, Alter Summit, Blockupy Europe, S2B Network and the European ATTAC Network.

Speeches for the protest rally (and possible interviewees)

Luc Holland, Belgian milk producers union, MIG / D19-20

Hélène Cabioc'h, ATTAC France / Blockupy Europe

Mike Dolan, North American trade union Teamsters

Karen Hansen-Kuhn, Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy, USA

Kenneth Haar, Corporate Europe Observatory / S2B

Jacques Debatty, Belgian trade union MOC / Alter Summit

Press Contacts:

Pascoe Sabido (EN, FR, ES) : +32 486 85 74 16;
Sebastian Franco (FR, ES, IT) : +32 488 15 02 16;
Luc Holland (NL, FR) : + 32 497 23 07 60;