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B-25 Water Bombers in Fort Smith, #NWT

B-25 Water Bombers in Fort Smith, #NWT | NWT News | Scoop.it
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Added by Henry Tenby
October 9, 2011World War two B-25 Mitchell Bombers used as Water Bombers/Air Tankers in Wood Buffalo National Park, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada in 1984

Runtime: 02:39

Views: 3355

Location: Ft. Smith, NWT

Country: Canada

Date: 02-02-1984

Channels: Propliners and waterbombers

Tags: B-25, Bomber, Mitchell, water tanker

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Parson's Lake Road - a set on Flickr

Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada - "Parson's Lake Road This scenic 57 km single-lane dirt bush road (from near Pine Lake to the Salt Plains) gets you deep into the boreal forest and into bison territory - if you are lucky, you might see one.... or ten! .... or a wolf pack! Not recommended for large vehicles and impassible when wet."
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