How Moving to Nunavut Changed Me for the Better
How moving to Nunavut changed me in unexpected ways.
Inuit historians that helped search for Sir John Franklin
Louie Kamookak is an Inuit historian whose work helped locate the lost Erebus ship. However, he's not the only Inuk who played an important role in the century-long search.
Northern Nomadic #Hunter #Gatherers A Humanistic Approach #Inuit #Arctic | #Book #eBay
Northern Nomadic Hunter-Gatherers, A Humanistic Approach, Inuit, Arcrtic in Books, Nonfiction | eBay
petition: It's Time for the U.S. to Take Action Against Iceland's Whaling
Since Iceland resumed commercial whaling in 2006, in defiance of an international ban, whalers have... (33149 signatures on petition)
#CITR1207-Giant #Nunavut #Caribou (Teaser)
1st Air Date in Canada: SATURDAY February 13 @ 9am ET on OLN. 1st Air Date in the USA: MONDAY February 8 @10:30pm ET on The Sportsman Channel. *for more broa...
Inuit Girl
Inuit girl in mostly water colours.
#Nunavut #Arts and #Culture
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Saving Sweden's #Arctic #fox
Last century, the Arctic fox was almost hunted to extinction in Sweden. Successful conservation efforts helped rescue the species. But it is still far from secure, help WWF now
See What Life Is Like for Refugees Above the Arctic Circle
Refugees from the Middle East and Africa are seeing their first-ever snow and figuring out how to pray when the sun never rises.
Doomsday Arctic seed vault to receive two deposits in 2016
Inside the DOOMSDAY VAULT: Rare pictures of 'last resort' store for the planet's crops as researchers say more seeds to be added Vault opened on the Svalbard...