Polar Bear Cub Saved By Inupiat Subsistence Hunter Who Killed His Mum | Inuit Nunangat Stories | Scoop.it

The native Inupiat hunter says he did not realise the bear he killed had a cub until after he fired the shot. ...

James Tazruk was hunting caribou near Point Lay, north Alaska, when he spotted a large bear about 90 metres away.

As a native Inupiat subsistence hunter, Mr Tazruk is allowed to shoot polar bears under federal law.

After taking aim with his rifle he fired, killing it instantly. But when he rolled the bear over he discovered she was a nursing sow and realised her young would likely be nearby.

After following her tracks for 450 metres he arrived at a den and inside found a three-month old cub.

He scooped up the cub, telling it: "I'm not going to hurt you ... I'm going to take you home. Just don't bite me."