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Rescooped by José Moraga Campos from Geography Education!

Mount St. Helens: Volcanic Eruption and Recovery

Mount St. Helens: Volcanic Eruption and Recovery | Nuevas Geografías |
The 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption was one of the most significant natural disasters in the U.S. in the past half-century. Landsat captured the extent of, and recovery from, the destruction.


The accompanying satellite images (also compiled in a video to show the temporal changes) demonstrate one way that remote sensing images can help us better understand the spatial patterns in the biosphere. 

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Rescooped by José Moraga Campos from GIS in Education!

NASA Earth Observatory - Vegetation Index

The NDVI (Normalized Digital Vegetation Index) is on of the primary methods for detecting healthy vegetation using satellite imagery.  This also serves as a useful way to distinguish between distinct ecological and agricultural regions and the temporal patterns of planting seasons.  


This video was found on a site titled "Explorations in agricultural research" with many great links

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