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The utility EnBW has announced that it will sue the German government over its unique nuclear fuel tax, while another nuclear utility is talking with Gazprom as a strategic partner for new power plants.

Phillipsburg: Refuelling the single reactor in operation has cost EnBW over €100 million extra thanks to a nuclear tax

EnBW said that it has now completed its tax return and filed it with the proper authorities. Having refuelled the 1392 MWe Phillipsburg 2 reactor, calculations show the tax on nuclear fuel rods will cost it "a nine-digit figure every year" - over €100 million ($140 million).

"Having reviewed the matter in detail and considered it extensively, EnKK [the firm's subsidiary responsible for nuclear operation] has now reached the conclusion that it is time to take legal action. This decision was based on both constitutional law and European law considerations."

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