New Free Screencasting Tool Does A/V Computer Screen Recording, YouTube AutoUpload and MP4 Download: Screenbird Is Here | NTICs en Educación |

Robin Good: Screenbird is a new tool which allows you to easily record your computer screen (and your audio) to create video tutorials, guide or lessons on how to use a certain software or service.


Screenbird requires no downloading or setting up any software. It works right out of the box through Java by providing a very simple control bar to start, pause, stop and finalize your recordings.


Once completed a screencast can be automatically uploaded to your YouTube account, or it can be saved and downloaded to your hard disk in .MP4 format.


Two versions are available: Basic, free for all and Premium.


The Basic version includes:

YouTube integration

Short Links
Up to 30min Videos
Play on any device
Record screen or just a part
Record Audio
Account Video Limit: 150min
Video Expiration: 6 months
Users Per Account: 1 


Features and Plans: ;


More info: ;



Via Robin Good