Teacher’s recommendations for academic uses of 5 fun free presentation tools | Las TIC en la Educación | Scoop.it

Course participants offer their ideas about ways to use these fun free tools in instructional situations and other academic applications.


One of the most meaningful and informative types of communication that happens through education technology blogs like this one is when teachers share their experiences and ideas about how to use technology in the educational setting.

Last summer, EmergingEdTech ran an online workshop in which participants learned about a variety of free digital presentation tools. With each tool, we got hands-on and created brief presentations, and then discussed our experiences and shared ideas on how we might use these tools in our professional roles. The participants shared a lot good ideas, and I’ve been meaning to share some of them here.


Following are some of the tools we used, and some of the ideas offered for how to put them to use in education. For brevity, I limited the comments to a few per app, but some of the comments offered had quite a few different ideas packed into them. Hopefully some of these suggestions spark some creative thinking for our readers, and inspire them to try some of these fun presentation appls themselves!



Via Baiba Svenca, Tuba Angay-Crowder