Content Curation is the Base of Food Pyramid for Content Marketing | Content Marketing World | NTICs en Educación |

At Right Source Marketing, we get a lot of questions about where to allocate content marketing resources. On blog posts? Webinars? eBooks? The possibilities can be overwhelming. Yet knowing how to allocate resources is essential to successful content marketing.

Even though the USDA’s food pyramid has transitioned to a food plate, content marketers would do well to consider a pyramid concept for balancing their use of the many content formats they use. While every content marketing program is different, I’ve created the below chart to show the basic portions of content that should keep most content marketing programs healthy and happy.


- The base: Curation, creativity, and coordination;

- The middle: Blog posts and website copy;

- The almost-top: Videos and case studies;

- The top: Webinars and eBooks...

Via Giuseppe Mauriello, Martin Gysler